Rabu, 15 April 2015

Happy Birth Day My Sister [Late Post]

Firstly I want to say: Happy Birt Day, My Sister
Wish you always be happy and get the best.

My Sister's birth day had passed away. It's last month.

I had no idea what present I was gonna give her so I decided to made this song. Hopefully she likes it.

Selasa, 24 Maret 2015

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

Hey, I just wanna share something crazy to you.
Well, if you've heard about it, it's okey, that's great. But if you haven't, you've probably lost some crazy thing on the internet.
It's about Shia Labeouf: The Actual Cannibal.
When I was Youtubing on React Channel or The Fine Bros Channel on Youtube (of course on youtube) there was a word that suddenly atracted me to clicked that link. (You should subscribe to their channel cause they make a great vids every week). That word was cannibal. It's pretty ridiculous and I couldn't hold my self from laughing.
Check this link to watch the video.
I mean come on Internet! Shia Labeouf is an actual cannibal? I don't even know where these guys got the idea come from.
Alraight. It's a song, made by a guy that is a song writer named Rob Cantor. And this song is more about like someone that is trapped in the woods in the middle of the night and he/she is being followed by an actual cannibal guy named Shia LaBeouf so he/she needs to be escaping from him and kills him.
Rob Cantor said that he got the idea of using Shia LaBeouf as an actual cannibal guy because he found that the name Shia LaBeouf is pretty funny and it's even giggling when he whispers it in intense tone.
The video performance was done really great performing opera in the stage with the appearance of Rob Cantor himself as the singer, there was a choir groups including kids, there was a curtain dancers. It's pretty funny. But the most crazy thing was the appearance of Shia Labeouf himself as the only audience in there.

Sabtu, 22 November 2014

What's Happened to My Vocalizing?

I'm just loving this song sang by Gita Gutawa, and I was just trying to record my sound. I don't know why but everytime I did record my sound with this song, the recording result is just changed by its self. Maybe it was adapting with high frequency of my voice?

De-compile, Edit, And Re-compile APK File

I've had a job to do some changes in an Android application.  I thought it was gonna be easy. But when they said they had no source code of that app but have the .apk file only, I was like "Whuaaat...? I mean how am I supposed to do that without source code?"
But then I thought, "Okey, maybe I can start it over from scratch again."
And I did it. I was starting to make a 'cloning' from that app. But I couldn't do it. With a short time that I had, I decided to search of how to get source code from compiled .apk file.
After some searching, and trying some methods, I found this amazing app: APK STUDIO.
It really, really, really helped me a lot. I can just decompile an .apk file, edit it, and recompile it and boom, an edited .apk file was just done.
If you have the same problem and want to edit your compiled .apk but you've lost your source code, then you should use this app.
Go to this thread and get APK STUDIO.
It's free.

Kamis, 20 November 2014

Brief Notes C Language: Instructions

This is just my note when I attended the lecture. I write this here so it will be long lasting.  :D 

In C language, as well as in any other programming language, there are some types of instruction.
Assignment instruction is used to, as its name, assign a value into a variable. This can be done these operation:

The thing is, this assignment "can not" be done if information-name has a type of string / array of characters.

Conditional State
The conditional instruction is useful if there is particular state that has to be done differently from any others state.

We can use this when we need to repeat something over and over again until it reaches the stop conditions.

With branching, we can jump from one 'job' into another 'job'. It can be done like these:

Continue can only be used inside do, for, and while iteration;
Break can only exists inside iteration or switch. This statement causes the iteration / switch be stopped.
The for goto must be placed in

Senin, 17 November 2014

Brief NotesC Language: Comments, Executable Expression, and Constant

This is just my note when I attended the lecture. I write this here so it will be long lasting.  :D 

[ Comment(s) ]
In C, an expression or a sentence is ended with mark ';' (semicolon).
There are two kinds of sentence. An executable and non-executable sentence. A non-executable sentence is called a comment.
A comment is used to give some explanation to the reader (human) so our code will be possibly more understandable to human to read it. As a comment, this sentence will not be executed when our code is runned.
We can write a comment like this:

The first type is using /* */. This type can contain multiple lines. It means that everything surrounded by '/*' and '*/' mark is considered as a comment.
And second type is using //. This type can only have one line. It means that everything behind that mark, as long as it is still in the same line, it will be considered as a comment.

[ Executable Expression ]
Executable expression is, as I mentioned before, a sentence which will be executed when our code is runned. This is what we do code for.

[ Literal Constant ]
There are several types of literal constant :
Integer consists of set of number, such as: -1, 0, 3, etc.
Character consists of one or more set of character(s) surrounded by mark apostrophe ('). Ex: 'a', 'G', '#', etc.
Float consists of decimal number. Ex: 3.14, 0.5, 2.54, etc;
String is a set of characters and written surrounded by " and ". It is an array of character. Ex: "you", "harmonic convergence", etc.

Minggu, 16 November 2014

Brief Notes C Language: Term and Program Structure

 This is just my note when I attended the lecture. I write this here so it will be long lasting.  :D

[ The Terms in C ]
There are several terms used in C:
Block is a set of expression written between '{' and '}' mark;
Definition tells the property(ies) of an object and allocate the object's memory as well;
Declaration tells the property(ies) of an object especially related to type;
Initialization gives the initial value to the object;
Global Declaration is the declaration which is valid in one unit translation (file);
Local Declaration is the declaration which is only valid in one block this declaration placed;
Object also known as a variable;
Lvalue is an expression that refers to an object. Easily, lvalue is the left value of an assignment expression;
Body is the realization of a function;
Scope is a program's area where name is known.

[ Program's Structure ]
Below is the structure of a main program written in C:

Actually there is no such a strict role in the matter of character's position.
For more clear example, it will be written here in my next post as I will keep posting about C. :D
Thank you for coming.
Leave a comment, if you want to. :D

Jumat, 07 November 2014

It's Maybe Who?

I was spending my free time, literally, free. So I decided to play some random tones. Yeah, pretty random, right?
As I'm not a pianist, or even a music player, soo, don't blame me if it really is making your ears numb. :D
Hope you enjoy. haha

It's Maybe Who? (c) Subkhan Sarif

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Still Miss you, Aang...)

If you love Aang then you'll love Korra, the new avatar that lives next after him.
When I say 'love', I mean 'love the series', so if you love Avatar Aang's series, you'll love Avatar Korra's series too, probably. If you haven't watched it already, trust me, you're gonna be regretting your entire life. But don't blame anyone if you'll be missing Aang when you watch Korra in action. Like I was.
There're so much 'new thing' in this series that we haven't seen it in Aang's series such as: "How the first avatar be the first avatar?" or "Do you know there is spirit world and every human, not only the avatar, can enter into it now?", or "Maan, there is lava bending!", and "God, now Aang is one of the past avatars, what more sad it could be?" Sorry for these spoilers. I can't handle it. It just.. too awesome! I mean, who can stay silent and say nothing about his favorite series ever that was just finished and now there is new series that continuing the finished one?
First thing I thought about Korra was she is not as good as Aang as an avatar for me. But as soon as you dive deeper into this series, you'll love her too. But in here, you're kind of missing to meet the previous life of the avatar Aang. Everything is different from when Aang was alive. You'll miss Katara with her pretty face and her beauty actions when she was helping Aang facing fire nation, but now Katara turns into old lady. You'll miss Aang when he was acting as a kid, and also you'll miss the time when Aang went into Avatar state, not the exception of missing the special music when he turned into avatar state as well, like daa... da... da... da da da... (But don't worry, this special music effect is still can be found sometime when Korra goes into the avatar state, or something like 'hero thing' is happened. That's good). You'll miss Toph but you find that she is an old lady now. I can say this because I felt this way when I saw this series.
But also there are soo much thing that will make you love it, for sure. And the best news is you will get the same experience with Aang's series. I mean, the story telling is great as before, the fun, and others. They are great...
Now it has reached Book 4: Balance, season 4: The calling. Oho I can't wait to see the next season.

Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

Derita Kepada Sampah (Kawan maksudnya)

Salah satu lagu, bukan favorit sih, tapi gue suka. Sedih soalnya. Tiba-tiba aja keputer sama playlist gue. Jadi pengin post. Haha.

Perjalanan ini terasa sangat menyedihkan.
Sayang engkau tak duduk di sampingku, Kawan.
Banyak cerita yang mestinya kau saksikan di tanah kering bebatuan.
ho ho ho ho

Tubuhku terguncang dihempas batu jalanan.
Hati tergertar menampa kering rerumputan.
Perjalanan ini pun seperti jadi saksi gembala kecil menangis sedih.
ho ho

Kawan coba dengar apa jawabnya ketika ia kutanya mengapa.
Bapak ibunya telah lama mati ditelan bencana tanah ini.

Sesampainya di laut kukabarkan semuanya
kepada karang, kepada ombak, kepada matahari.
Tetapi semua diam, tetapi semua bisu, tinggal aku sendiri terpaku menatap langit.

Barangkali di sana ada jawabnya: mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana.
Mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan melihat tingkah kita yang selalu salah dan bangga dengan dosa-dosa.
Atau alam mulai enggan bersahabat dengan kita.
Coba kita bertanya pada rumput yang bergoyang.
ho ho ho ho

Kawan coba dengar apa jawabnya ketika ia kutanya mengapa.
Bapak ibunya telah lama mati ditelan bencana tanah ini.

Sesampainya di laut kukabarkan semuanya kepada karang, kepada ombak, kepada matahari.
Tetapi semua diam, tetapi semau bisu, tinggal aku sendiri terpaku menatap langit.

Barang kali di sana ada jawabnya: mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana.
Mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan melihat tingkah kita yang selalu salah dan bangga dengan dosa-dosa.
Atau alam mulai enggan bersahabat dengan kita.
Coba kita bertanya pada rumput yang bergoyang.
ho ho ho ho

Dengerin lagu ini jadi keinget sama lagunya Nashida Ria. Gue lupa judulnya, tapi masih terkait bencana alam. Mungkin juga lagu ini sekaligus sebagai jawaban pertanyaan Bang Ebiet: mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana.
Gue cuma inget potongan liriknya kayak gini:

Bencana alam datang, semua orang bimbang...
Tanah longsor, banjir bandang, takkan terhindari, itulah terjadi.
Marilah, marilah, marilah, hey kaaawan.
Darilah itu jagalah lingkungan, bersihkan saluran, buanglah sampah pada tempatnya.
Patuhi nasihat ajaran agama.
Semoga selamat dari bencana.
Hutan-hutan digundulin, sungai-sungai ditimbunin.
Tanahnya pada longsor, tanggulnya jadi ambrool, brol.

Agak nyambung dengan lirik lagu dari Nasyida Ria di atas. Tentang buang sampah pada tempatnya.
Ini yang gue rasain bener-bener hal yang susah dilakuin setelah pindah ke Bandung dari kampung. Susah buang sampah. Kalo di kampung mah gampang. Tinggal buang di belakang rumah terus di bakar. Tapi di Bandung enggak bisa. Sampai-sampai sampah menimbun di depan kamar hingga berkarung-karung karena susah buangnya. Susah karena harus ke TPA yang agak jauh, jadi males. Karena males jadi numpuk-numpuk se trash-bag.
Tapi memang kalau diminta untuk buang sampah "Pada Tempatnya" di Bandung bisa dibilang, hmm, agak mustahil. Mungkin agak terlalu kejam. Tapi mau bagaimana lagi. Karena meskipun gue buang ke TPA, TPAnya saja letaknya tidak pada tempatnya. Masa TPA di samping gerbang ke SARAGA? Padahal gue rasa pas awal-awal gue di Bandung gerbang ke SARAGA belum ada tempat pembuangan sampah segede itu. Mengganggu pemandangan bagi orang yang mau olah raga.
Terus ada juga TPA yang di samping kebun binatang, di samping jalan mau ke ITB pula, tidak ada penutupnya pulaaa. Di samping penjual jajanan pulaaa.
Terus ada juga yang di samping SABUGA. Tapi yang ini ada pengolahannya jadi agak mendingan meskipun pengolahannya sebatas sampah yang dicincang-cincang.
Emang ngga ada yang bisa disalahin, ujung-ujungnya kan akibat kita juga sang penghasil sampah. Mau bagaimana lagi?
Memang di Bandung, dan juga di kota-kota besar lainnya mungkin, masalah yang besar memang banyaknya sampah dan sempitnya lahan, jadi asal ada lahan yang 'sedikit' longgar dijadikan tempat sampah.
Kadang gue suka geregetan kenapa tidak ada alat yang buat ngolah sampah kayak di luar-luar, yang gue suka liat kalo di film-film ada tempat buat ngolah sampah yang ada mesinnya guede banget. Mungkin ada yang ingat film Toy Story 3? Di situ ada tempat pembakaran sampahnya juga. Kenapa tidak bikin saja TPAnya kayak gitu jadi sampahnya ngga numpuk?
Meski ada juga TPA yang sudah ada alat pengolah sampahnya yang gue lihat: yaitu tadi yang di samping SABUGA. Tidak tahu TPA yang lainnya. Kemungkinan kebanyakan pada tidak ada alat buat ngolah sampahnya.

Terus yang bener-bener bikin sepet mata: tempat sampah-tempat sampah di depan ITB dan tempat sampah-tempat sampah umum lainnya yang ada di pinggir jalan itu banyaaaak yang pada terlantar, kacau balau, tidak ada gunanya! AAAA...
Pasalnya, masa tempat sampah cuma ada lingkaran penutupnya doang dan tidak ada kantung tempat sampahnya? Cuma lingkaran besi dua buah doang. Udah. Alhasil para penghasil sampah pun menyumbangkan sampahnya berserakan di bawahnya, di atas penutunya yang kadang bahkan tidak ada penutupnya: bolong melompong BLONG!
Dulu pas awal-awal tempat sampah menggunakan kantung plastik memang rutin di bawah lingkaran penutup ada kantung-kantung plastik sebagai penampung sampah. Tapi lama-kelamaan, yang ganti kantung cape kali ya, jadi tidak diganti. Koreksi, bukan tidak diganti, tapi tidak dikasih kantung tempat sampah.
Aduuh... Ck ck ck.. Bagaimana ya?

Ujung permasalahan ya paling bisa curhat sendiri dan kesel sendiri. Karena walau bagaimana pun gue juga penghasil sampah.
Gue positive tingking saja pemerintah pasti sudah bersusah payah menyelesaikan masalah sampah yang tidak (edit: belum) terselesaikan. Jadi yuk, kita berusaha untuk menekan penghasilan sampah kita (meskipun yang nulis belum tentu bisa, paling tidak kan mengajak kebaikan lebih baik daripada melakukan tindakan kriminal)...
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