Piece of Me

"Piece of Me"

If I have to lose piece of me, maybe I don't want to be happy.
If I have to lose a bit of me, maybe I don't want to see what a success is supposed to be.
But you keep telling me to do what I have to do.
I don't know if I'm happy. I don't know if I'm not either.
Cause my heart has already numb
after constant tearing all day and night.
I couldn't tell which part of me, is me.
Cause I've lost too many pieces of me.

High Notes Sound

"The High Notes Sound"

It feels a little... little little.
Just a little, not too much. What can I expect from me if I can't even trust my self?
A little bit longer, I guess, is enough for me to find out the true of me.
But if I do find it, then what?
Simply I don't want to bother me my self anymore.
When I hear the Schindler's List theme by John William, my heart stops for a moment, just to realize how beautiful it truly is.
I can clearly feel the scream. I can clearly feel the scream.
The sorrow, the sadness.
My heart claps unrespectfully, but my hands freeze.

__Subkhan Sarif__ 2016

Oh Boy

"Oh Boy"

You know what it feels like?
I bet you don't, cuz you ain't me
Wonder if I can get through this life
I'm just a boy, I ain't a man

I see the world like it's sparkling
You know the stars, you're watching!
But I don't know how to keep fist tight
cuz my eyes are closed to see the light

Oh boy, I'm such a boy!
No a man, no! Nor a child
Hey man! can you tell me
The diff between the left and the right?
Life is fair and life is clear
I don't decide. But you, Sir, does!

And my mind goes
La la la la...
La la la la...
Again come together.

They told me, man, you should be now
cuz mustache, beard, and age say so
What if I say its too much
cuz I'm just a boy, I ain't a man

Oh boy, I'm such a boy!
I like green tea and coffee milk
Hey you lady, can you tell me
what gentleman do you see on me?
Case your tail and bite your feet
because I'm a boy so you can't tell me.

So my mind says
La la la la...
La la la la again
let's come together

__Subkhan Sarif__

My Little Stuffs

This is my music I composed using MuseScore app. The instruments I use are piano, violin, cello, and harmonica.

Calo, Masih Ada!

Suatu ketika aku harus berurusan dengan polisi. Bukan karena ditilang nggak pakai helm atau lampu motor nggak nyala karena aku ngga punya motor. Tapi untuk memperpanjang SIM yang akan habis masa berlakunya besok. Jadi aku berangkat ke polsek lalu lintas yang ada di jalan Jawa.
Persyaratan untuk memperpanjang SIM sebenarnya tidak banyak dan tidak rumit. Hanya dibutuhkan foto copy KTP dan SIM dan surat keterangan sehat jasmani. Malangnya aku nggak tahu kalau butuh surat keterangan sehat jasmani, jadi aku harus buat dulu. Haissh, ribet amat!!! #kesal #padahalNggakRibetAmatSih #cumaCapek
Jadilah aku harus ke tempat checkup yang untungnya nggak terlalu jauh. Nah, pas aku lagi mau nyeberang, tiba-tiba ada bapak paruh baya menghampiriku. Awalnya ku kira bapaknya mau markir mobil di belakangku jadi aku minggir. Tapi ku lihat ngga ada mobil.
"Mas, mau bikin?" Kata bapaknya.
Aku bingung, agak lelet mikir. Soalnya masih ngira kalau bapaknya nggak lagi ngomong ke aku.
"Mau bikin SIM?"
"Perpanjang, Pak."
"Langsung foto 350rb, Mas." Katanya sambil memintaku ngikutin bapaknya. "Sini Mas."
Bapaknya minggir ke bawah pohon. Di situ ada bapak yang lebih muda dan agak gendut duduk manis. Aku masih nggak mudeng, kukira petugas yang bantuin orang yang mau bikin sim, jadi aku ikutin aja bapaknya.
"Kalau mau langsung jadi 350rb. Masnya cuma tinggal nungguin foto aja." Katanya.
Entah apa yang lagi kepikiran di kepala, tapi aku masih nggak mudeng juga.
"Mas mau bikin sim?"
"Perpanjang Pak."
"350rb Mas."
"Mas cuma tinggal foto aja."
"Bayar sekarang?"
Aku bingung, soalnya kata mbak tadi disuruh bikin surat keterangan kesehatan. Kok tiba-tiba diminta bayar 350 rb.
"Tapi katanya saya disuruh bikin surat keterangan sehat dulu, Pak." Jawabku polos.
"Iya kalau mau ngurus sendiri. Mas mau ngurus sendiri?"
"Iya Pak."
"Oh ya sudah."
Pas aku balik dari checkup ke loket perpanjangan sim, tiba-tiba aku merinding. Baru sadar kalau aku baru ketemu calo untuk pertama kali. Untung kok aku ngga bayar ke bapaknya. #hihihi
Alhamdulillah proses perpanjang berjalan lancar...

Feel Better (Song)

There's moment when you're in my heart,
and made me believe there's only one star, and that's you...
There's moment when you went away,
it broke my heart, but I don't know about you.

I want you to:
Feel the way I feel in thousand times before you go,
just to see the struggles I've been putting in to my life for you.
I won't ask for too much from you.
I just need to know that:
you know what I feel about you.
'cuz it makes me feel better. 

I won't do things that you won't do to me,
'Cuz I heart you and me together.
I flipped by you and I hope you flipped by me too,
'cuz it's hard to live without you.

I want you to:
Feel the way I feel in thousand times before you go,
just to see the struggles I've been putting into my life for you.
I won't ask for too much from you.
I just need to know that:
you know what I feel about you.
'cuz it makes me feel better.

-- Subkhan Sarif --
(c) 2016

Violin Diary #2: Canon In D (Duet Version One Person)

So I've been working on my final project for a while now. Sometimes I got stuck for the idea and didn't know what to do, and it was the time to take a break. So instead of doing nothing and actually take a break, I chose to practice my violin.
This time I was playing Canon In D, duet with my self.


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Violin Diary #1: Tanah Airku

This is my first time ever to record me playing the violin. I've been learning to play a violin for about 5-6 months by self-taught. It's pretty hard, but for me it's less hard than to play a guitar. It's not purrfect, in fact there are a lot of mistakes here and there, but I never give up, and I'll never give in.
The song I play is called Tanah Airku which is one of Indonesian national song. It's beautiful if it's being played nicely. If you find that it's not beautiful enough, perhaps it's me that can't play it properly yet, for that I say sorry.

Closest Friend (Song)

I saw you were my closest friend
But you said, "I've been alone."
I remember when we were looking at the sky
And I saw we'd be together
we ride a bike but ends up we're lost
Got pictures of us flawless

We took a shooting star
And we prayed a lot hopes
For someday we would get there
Yeah, yeah.

We bought ice cream for 50 cents
We rented books for week end
We took a bus everyday
We loved it
We exchanged letters of us
Got perfumed papers inside
But then we don't know our self
We broke it down

Then you zip your mouth
When we hear the night
We're like two buzzing bees
yeah, yeah.

-- Subkhan Sarif --
(c) 2016

Oh My God! (Song)

You try to follow the way they say it's written for you
No matter how hard, and you say "Oh My God!"
And I always will be with you

When you feel so scared to death, exhausted, and you're alone
You cheer up yourself to lights up your head
But you keep your heart away

I hope you see me

"Oh My God!"
You can't say a word even when your head explodes
It's all gone
Digging up huge hole inside your heart
Everybody say that everything's gonna be fine
You don't think so.

Everything was bright, the sun shined so light
You had no mistakes, sins, nor worries
You're so desperate looking back inside yourself
Pitch black now all you see

Remember the goods, the bads won't leave you any stiches
when you look at me, I look back to you
You started crying let it free

Well, now you see me

"Oh My God!"
You start to feel lights beam touch into your heart
Can you smile?
Can you start to feel there's hope inside?
You start to see the beauty of the butterfly that flies in front of you

You're catching the rope, trying to get hope
Getting out, walking to the light
Don't you feel afraid anymore, I'll be with you

-- Subkhan Sarif --
(c) 2016

Canon In D by Pachelbel (Tracks Made by Me)

Canon in D by Pachelbel, tracks made by me using LMMS.
Instruments used: Cello and three violins.

Some People, they have fallen into...

This is just me playing some random notes, practicing my playing by the way.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Finding Dory' Trailer Finally Here

I'm Sooo excited to write this blog...

As turns out, after I've been waiting for sooo loong time, this finally happens.

Finding Dory, she's coming... Next June.

This is the most anticipated movie next year to be waiting for.

Ohhh..... Gasp the air, breath,,,,